We make difference at loss management and get ahead!

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  • We make difference at loss management and get ahead!

We derive our strength from insurance policies designed according to risk itself before the loss and insured contentment afterwards.
With our experts in their fields for the damages experienced in all branches, upon receipt of the claim notice;

  • We establish the right communication network with all parties in order to manage the process without interruption.
  • We manage the documentation and information flow between all parties, starting with the insurers , reinsurers, loss adjuster, and the insured; so that we make sure the process is no longer a crisis for any parties involved.
  • We examine your insurance policies diligently and ensure that your contractual rights are fully compensated.
  • Our technical units are also involved in the loss management process in accordance with their expertise so that we ensure the process continues effectively. 
  • Along with the aim of finalizing the claims as soon as possible, we also focus on finalizing your losses with maximum and fair compensation.
  • We provide claims consultancy services to our customers, even if the insurance policy is not issued through Rönesans Broker.

“Meet Rönesans Broker and say goodbye to post-loss turmoil.”