Motor & Miscellaneous Insurances

Motor & Miscellaneous Insurances

Motor Insurances


Motor Own Damage Insurance

This policy indemnifies loss and damages of licensed vehicles in the traffic (automobiles, land vehicles with / without engine, trailers, caravans, construction equipments, wheeled tractors and other agricultural machines).

Compulsory Engine Vehicles Liability Insurance (Traffic Insurance)

This policy indemnifies liability arising accident occurred in the traffic.

Compulsory Transportation Liability Insurance

This policy covers legal liability of the exploiter in case of third party bodily injury, death or material damages.

Compulsory Personal Accident-Seat Liability Insurance

This policy provide cover for the risks arising from transportation of individuals on a vehicle licensed to human transport and / or travel agency.


Miscellaneous Insurances


Theft Insurance

This policy indemnifies loss or damage to insured's goods as a result of theft or attempted to it. Also, covers vaults at Banks, offices and houses.

Personal Accident / Group Personal Accident

This policy indemnifies legal rights to stakeholders or relatives of the insured's (individual or employee) death or permanent disability in case of unforeseen and sudden incident.

Glass Insurance

All kind of glass stated in the policy (windows, showcases, doors, counters, shelves' glasses and mirrors in a house, office or in a commercial place) will be compensated under Turkish General Glass Insurance Conditions. Cash in Transit This policy compensates loss and damage in transit of valuable papers such as bill of exchanges, commercial papers, etc, carried by an employee.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This policy covers loss or damages arising from misconduct of the employee (stealing cash, valuable paper, stocks and bonds or any pecuniary item or embezzled by cheating.