Health & Travel Health Insurance

Health & Travel Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Secure Yourself For Your Health

Health insurance covers health expenses (hospital, rehabilitation, medicine, etc) of individuals in case of illness or accident.


Private Health Insurance has two main covers:

Inpatient Treatment : Health expenses of inpatient treatments are medicine, surgery, intensive care, room, hospital attendant expenses.

Outpatient Treatment : Health expenses of outpatient treatments are tomography, x-ray, physiotherapy, lab. examinations, medication expenses, etc.

In our country, Complementary Health Insurance reimburse exceeding expenses that Social Security Institute (SGK) covered. This private health policy (individual or group) allows patients to get treatment from contracted private hospitals..


Travel Health Insurance


Travel Health Insurance eliminate any health relate risks that may upset you during your travel. This policy reimburse emergency health expenses in case of sudden illness or accident while travelling. It also provide necessary transportation needs to get you home back or to send the deceased.

Besides, this cover fit well with visa requirements for countries subject to Schengen agreement.