Statements of Mr. Hüseyin Durmaz, President of Bursa Organized Industrial Site, concerning “Umbrella Liability Insurance” provided through foreign reinsurance markets for Bursa Organized Industrial Site (OIS) by Rönesans Reasürans ve Sigorta Brokerlik A.Ş.:

Mr. Hüseyin Durmaz, President of Bursa Organized Industrial Site, states during a speech he made prior to the signing ceremony at the OIS Convention Hall that factories situated at industrial sites, first of all, are public properties and assets of the national wealth.

Stating that there are integrated factories and production facilities covering a space of 7 million square metres at the Organized Industrial Site in Bursa, Mr. Durmaz adds:

“This site has a very wide range of car production facilities to subordinate industries, from chemicals and textiles to machinery. If we fail to insure our national wealth, then a loss that may expand from my neighbour to my facility on a bad day may both do away with my neighbour and also derange me. Thus, we, Bursa OIS, provide protection against losses we may cause to give to our neighbours under such insurance. I hope we will never have accidents; however, if we do, then we will have insurance protection for this distinguished industrial site of Bursa for up to a limit of 50 Million Dollars. I wish it will bring us good luck.”

Mr. Ahmet Özenalp, General President of the International Competition and Technology Association (URTEB), states that they have received very positive feedback from industrialists concerning such insurance.

Özenalp highlights that they will be proud to see that insurance is on the agenda of all of industrialists and he further adds “We believe that this will be a national project that sets the pace throughout Turkey.

Ms. Selva Eren, Chairman of Rönesans Reasürans ve Sigorta Brokerlik A.Ş., states that they are very excited with this Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy launched for the first time for Bursa OIS Bursa in Turkey.

Thanking the management board of Bursa OIS for their collaboration, Eren adds: “I hope it will be beneficial for parties. We wish a year with no losses, but we will be at your service whenever a loss occurs. This pioneering project we have carried out together with Bursa OIS makes an overwhelming impression in Turkey. We have already launched negotiations for umbrella insurance with other industrial sites in Bursa and other provinces.”

Then parties signed the protocol.

Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy

The Umbrella Liability Insurance Policy provides insurance against all risks for 248 industrial enterprises of Bursa OIS.

Companies have insurance policies for own premises; however, they do not maintain adequate insurance for bodily injuries and property damages of other companies and employees known as “third parties”, so this insurance will cover any one claim or series of different claims throughout one year for up to a limit of 50 Million Dollars within the scope of such a policy.

The objective is to ensure that, thanks to such assurance, companies can carry on business activities and maintain their competitive capacity by avoiding financial collapses and bankruptcies