Rönesans is a Turkish wholly owned insurance and reinsurance broking company. Our company has undertaken a wide range of large-scale and specific projects as the reinsurance broker for the international markets. We can assert that we are the only Turkish wholly owned broker, carrying out placements for such grand-scale businesses throughout the international reinsurance market. We provide services mainly for construction, energy and industrial facilities. We benefit from the advantage of working directly with the international reinsurance market, which facilitates our company's employees to have wide experience and know-how in the reinsurance field and renders us to be able to provide prompt and active services. We assess each risk specifically while we work on placements, and describe such a risk to reinsurers in a most proper and prompt manner by making use of our presentations. Within such a context, our target is to be able to obtain the most appropriate insurance cover for our insureds under most appropriate prices and terms in the shortest possible time. 

Without utilization of another intermediary services for overseas placements other than Lloyds transactions which is a significant factor for ensuring premium advantages for policy holders. In addition; in the case of a possible loss, all processes are managed under the supervision and within the knowledge of our company, in coordination with reinsurers. As an organization, our principle is not to make any concessions beyond our principles built on a mutual trust and transparency philosophy while carrying out our businesses in the most proper and prompt way. Another target of our company is to train and introduce persons who are really devoted themselves to the reinsurance business in line with the importance we place emphasis as well as our understanding.

Our company is an organization that places more importance on quality over quantity, so our focal point is always the quality of our services rather than the quantity of accounts we write. We occupy a substantial market share in the insurance and reinsurance broking market specific to businesses we define as corporate “large accounts. We aim to increase such a market share by adding our business partner BMS Group's know-how of 30 years in the forthcoming days.

By taking advantage of BMS's experience, we furthermore intend to expand across business lines in accordance with an agreement entered into with BMS. BMS dominates the market in particular in the mining business and is involved in a very wide range of facilities. We will be serving clients engaged in mining in our country. We aim to introduce some standards related to insurance coverage required to be offered after negotiations with competent authorities for the purpose of avoiding adverse incidents suffered in the past in the mining industry. In addition, the “Bank Serve” unit of BMS procures services to project financing departments of banks where this allows us to add value to our company. We will be able to convey such know-how to project financing departments of banks in our company as well. Furthermore, BMS is a leading broking company that excels in marine insurances, which is the starting point of insurance. They are the oldest “marine” broker of the world.

The dynamic structure of BMS that suits our company’s understanding joins us together as they are involved in decising taking processes within a comprehensive, but effective term. BMS London Office employs a Turkish team, members of which have worked for various global reinsurance broking companies in the insurance market in London for years, and this ensures us to treat time effectively.

 We are mostly impressed by the fact that they aim to provide boutique and tailored services and retain clients who like to proceed with them on a long-standing trust and satisfaction philosophy rather than switching from one broker to the other broker each year. Our agreement entered into with BMS has also led to a unique structure. We set out together for win-win advantages to both parties, not only to one party, unlike Turkish liaison offices of global broking companies.

Brokers who will be engaged in providing cover for risks that companies involved in businesses with international markets and sales of such risks to the insurance market of the world may undertake must be reinsurance brokers, not insurance brokers alone. A broking company that has insurance and reinsurance broking licences really creates an added value for certain large companies thanks to its staff experienced in reinsurance. We can list such qualifications as follows;

  • Analyse and assess the risk properly,
  • Present the risk in the reinsurance market properly,
  • Be in direct contact with reinsurers who purchase risks
  • Provide cover within the context of comprehensive and international norms
  • Provide best terms under best conditions after effective works
  • Ability to act promptly thanks to the size of the portfolio ad experience in similar accounts at the time of losses,
  • Explain losses to reinsurers properly, obtain and submit loss documentation and information to loss adjusters.
  • Ensure that indemnity payments can be promptly collected from reinsurers and paid to insureds after the finalization of loss processes




Source: www.dunya.com