The property damage all risks insurance for the first-phase of the recently launched Istanbul Airport is undertaken at a sum insured of over 5 billion by 4 insurers.  The insurance covers fire, earthquake and flood, as well as loss of profit. In addition to all perils related to the aircraft fleet and passengers at the airport, any losses of profit which may be sustained under any circumstances will also be insured.

The first phase of Istanbul Airport is effected at a sum insured of above 5 billion Euros by 4 insurance companies. According to the news released by Rahim Ak from, Istanbul Airport is insured by Ziraat Sigorta, the leading insurer, and also by Halk Sigorta, Güneş Sigorta and Axa Sigorta. Passengers and airplaces are insured against all perils, which will attach from the time they enter Istanbul Airport.


Company Share (%)
Ziraat Sigorta 37
Halk Sigorta 25
Güneş Sigorta 25
Axa Sigorta 13


Rönesans Reinsurance and Insurance Broking Inc. Co. states: “As opposed to an involvement of foreign broking house and their local branches, the reinsurance placement of Istanbul Third Airport is contracted by Rönesans Reinsurance and Insurance Broking Inc. Co. which is wholly Turkish owned company with a cooperation of another Turkish broking house, IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Broking Inc. Co. Being national is our critically focal point.” 

30 October 2018